Dilan Maxfield


EPA announces $63 million in historic federal funding to Utah for clean watersheds and drinking water

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded $63 million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to Utah for water infrastructure improvements. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law allocates more than $50 billion to EPA toward repairing the nation’s essential water infrastructure, which helps communities access clean, safe and reliable drinking water, increase resilience, collect and treat wastewater to protect public health, clean up pollution and safeguard vital waterways.

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Continued work on Utah’s priorities.

This week, Senator Romney continued to work on several of his key priorities for Utah, including addressing our state’s historic drought, increasingly devastating wildfires, and rapidly growing economy. On the national front, the Senator questioned big tech executives on China’s influence on the American public through social media and joined his colleagues in a proposal for federal permitting reform.

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Romney, Peters, Burr, and Hagerty Bipartisan Bill to Ensure Appropriate Use and Recycling of Federal Electric Vehicle Batteries Passes Senate

Bipartisan legislation authored by Senators Romney, Peters, Burr, and Hagerty to ensure government agencies are properly using and recycling batteries from the federal fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) has passed the Senate. Properly recycling EV batteries can help recover valuable minerals like cobalt that are essential to the production of these batteries, but are often sourced from entities with ties to foreign adversaries like the Chinese government.

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August in Utah 📸

As I’ve traveled the state this month, there is no doubt in my mind that Utah is one of the best managed states in our country. The actions being taken and the decisions being made throughout our state will pay dividends for many, many years to come. When I return to Washington in a few days, I will do my very best to continue helping the people of Utah using the information I’ve gathered.

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We must save the Great Salt Lake 📸

Utahns have an enormous resource, but it’s being threatened. The Great Salt Lake is currently at the lowest levels ever recorded. Last week, Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives Brad Wilson and I, along with a group of other State officials, were able to tour areas connected to and dependent on the survival of the Great Salt Lake—everything from the world of agriculture to industrial processes to migratory birds. One thing is clear: The need to save the Great Salt Lake is immediate.

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A bag of hammers, courtesy of Senate Democrats.

As Senate Democrats bulldozed the American people by passing yet another reckless, partisan taxing-and-spending bill, Senator Romney joined his Republican colleagues in opposing the so called “Inflation Reduction Act,” and called on Democrats to consider the further harm they are inflicting on an already lackluster economy.

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