Dilan Maxfield


Federal policies are discouraging a strong family unit.

Senator Romney laid out his vision for the future of conservative family policy—which includes his recent proposal, the Family Security Act 2.0. He also introduced a plan to create an early warning system for infectious disease to help communities better prepare for and potentially prevent major outbreaks, following the public health data failures from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Romney Outlines His Vision for the Future of Conservative Family Policy

At the American Enterprise Institute, Senator Romney outlined his vision for how public policy can best support American families. He then sat down with AEI President Robert Doar to discuss his recently proposed Family Security Act 2.0, which aims to reform existing, complex federal programs into one straightforward pro-family, pro-life, and pro-work benefit.

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The world must understand Russia’s malevolence.

As Russia continues to starve the people of Ukraine, and nations across the world, Senator Romney pushed for a greater effort from the U.S. and its allies to counter Putin’s disinformation effort by communicating the truth of Russia’s malevolence. Also this week, Senator Romney joined a bipartisan group of his colleagues to introduce legislation that reforms the Electoral Count Act and met with Utahns who were visiting Washington.

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Romney, Hickenlooper Bill to Protect Endangered Fish Species, Maintain Ecosystems Passes Committee

Senators Romney and Hickenlooper’s Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins Recovery Act passed out of the Senate ENR Committee. This bipartisan legislation would continue protecting four threatened and endangered native fish species in the Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins by extending conservation programs for one year to allow Upper Basin communities the time to develop a long-term management plan.

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Democrats can’t keep ignoring inflation.

Historic inflation is affecting every aspect of daily life and this week, Americans saw inflation rise to 9.1%. As Democrats tried to continue ignoring the problem, trying to resurrect their “Build Back Better” agenda, Senator Romney cautioned: “The absolute last thing Democrats should do is to enact their inflationary and progressive BBB agenda of more spending and tax hikes.”

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