A bag of hammers, courtesy of Senate Democrats.

As Senate Democrats bulldozed the American people by passing yet another reckless, partisan taxing-and-spending bill, Senator Romney joined his Republican colleagues in opposing the so called “Inflation Reduction Act,” and called on Democrats to consider the further harm they are inflicting on an already lackluster economy.

Federal policies are discouraging a strong family unit.

Senator Romney laid out his vision for the future of conservative family policy—which includes his recent proposal, the Family Security Act 2.0. He also introduced a plan to create an early warning system for infectious disease to help communities better prepare for and potentially prevent major outbreaks, following the public health data failures from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world must understand Russia’s malevolence.

As Russia continues to starve the people of Ukraine, and nations across the world, Senator Romney pushed for a greater effort from the U.S. and its allies to counter Putin’s disinformation effort by communicating the truth of Russia’s malevolence. Also this week, Senator Romney joined a bipartisan group of his colleagues to introduce legislation that reforms the Electoral Count Act and met with Utahns who were visiting Washington.

Democrats can’t keep ignoring inflation.

Historic inflation is affecting every aspect of daily life and this week, Americans saw inflation rise to 9.1%. As Democrats tried to continue ignoring the problem, trying to resurrect their “Build Back Better” agenda, Senator Romney cautioned: “The absolute last thing Democrats should do is to enact their inflationary and progressive BBB agenda of more spending and tax hikes.”

Protecting life while safeguarding our constitutional rights.

This week, the Senate debated and passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, Romney-backed legislation to bolster public safety and prevent mass-shooting tragedies before they occur. The legislation is designed to protect human life, especially schoolchildren, while safeguarding Americans’ second amendment rights.

A new commitment to American families.

This week, Senator Romney announced the Family Security Act 2.0, a new commitment to hardworking American families that modernizes existing federal policies into a monthly, fully paid for benefit that doesn’t add to the debt or worsen inflation.

We must get serious about saving Social Security and Medicare.

Addressing the nation’s burgeoning debt and the imminent insolvency of its major trust funds remain two of Senator Romney’s top priorities. This week, he pushed back against unserious and unhelpful partisan proposals to save Social Security by highlighting his TRUST Act, a serious solution that has bipartisan support.

The bounty of life is ours thanks to our fallen heroes.

Senator Romney joined a Memorial Day ceremony at the Utah State Capitol where he delivered remarks honoring our fallen servicemembers. Throughout the week, the Senator announced efforts to foster our capacity for technological innovation, support rural communities, safeguard taxpayers from funding abortions, and lower prescription drug costs.

Grief overwhelms the soul.

Senator Romney joined state, federal, and Navajo leaders in Monument Valley for the signing of an agreement to bring running water to Utah’s Navajo Nation–legislation the Senator helped pass in 2020 and fully funded within the bipartisan infrastructure bill. He ended his week curling with the Ukrainian National Curling Team at the Utah Olympic Oval and attending the International Federation of Sport Climbing World Cup in downtown Salt Lake.

It’s in our best interest for Ukraine to defeat Russia.

Senator Romney continued to press the Administration to take immediate steps to remedy the baby formula crisis. He also remained a strong advocate for sending additional military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine to help them combat the brutal Russian invasion, ending the week by helping pass a $40 billion Ukraine funding bill.

The baby formula shortage is a national crisis.

Senator Romney took the FDA and USDA to task for the agencies’ complete inaction on addressing the baby formula crisis—sending a letter to the Administration urging them to take immediate action to address the formula shortage and implement steps to prevent future threats to infant health.

The Administration is failing to secure our border.

Senator Romney pressed Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas about the Administration’s failures during a committee hearing this week and urged them to reconsider their policies. The Senator also continued to advocate for getting our country’s fiscal house in order and met with several groups of Utahns in Washington.