We must take aggressive action to save the Great Salt Lake.

Senator Romney this week worked to advance common sense solutions and ideas that can get our country and state on better footing. He announced his assignments to help lead subcommittees that address China and our national debt, applauded new tranches of funding coming directly to Utah made possible by the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and helped introduce legislation to strengthen U.S. relations with Taiwan.

One year later, Ukraine stands proudly a sovereign nation.

Back home this week, Senator Romney met with several Utah government and business leaders—including members of the state legislature—to discuss progress on key priorities for the Beehive State, including addressing the drought and wildfires; supporting Ukraine; countering the China threat; and building up our infrastructure.

Passing the national debt on to our grandchildren is immoral.

Senator Romney called on his colleagues to take a more effective approach that prioritizes investments which can lower emissions not only in the U.S., but in worse polluting countries like China. He also urged both parties to come together to work toward balancing the budget, applauded a major investment in Utah made possible by a China competition bill he supported, and met with several stakeholders from our state.

We need a comprehensive China strategy.

Amid heightened tensions with China this week, Senator Romney continued to urge the Administration to develop a comprehensive China strategy, introduced legislation to end the unfair advantages China receives on the global stage, and pushed for American independence on critical mineral production.

China’s charm offensive is a Potemkin village.

With the Senate finding its footing in the new Congress, Senator Romney worked to advance several important priorities for Utah and our national security, including strengthening our domestic copper production; opposing federal overreach on Utahns’ water rights; and calling on the Biden Administration to respond appropriately to China’s recent provocations toward the United States.

My priorities for the 118th Congress.

More than ever, I’m committed to advancing legislative objectives that I believe are most critical—these priorities reflect my perspective on serving in the Senate: I didn’t come to Washington just to “fight” and lose, I came to win and deliver real results for Utah and our nation.

a report on Senator Romney's 2022 policy highlights

Building on 2022 policy accomplishments in the new year.

As we enter 2023, I remain grateful for the opportunity to represent Utahns in Washington and help tackle some of the biggest issues facing our great country. To continue being transparent and accountable to you, I’ve put together a report detailing my efforts in Washington this past year.

Senator Romney’s 2022 in photos 📸

In 2022, Senator Romney worked effectively to advance his priorities for Utah and for the nation, including efforts to save the Great Salt Lake and address Utah’s drought problem; reign in spending and the national debt; bolster our decaying infrastructure; better support working families; assist Ukraine in its effort to defeat Russia; and counter the rising threat posed by China.

From mine to yours: Merry Christmas🎄

The Christmas season gives us reason to pause and reflect upon the things that matter most in our lives—like our family, friends, faith, and values. It’s also a time to take stock in our blessings—one of the most noteworthy of which is living in the greatest country on Earth. I render my thanks to the men and women across our nation who shape America’s greatness, especially those in our Armed Services who are keeping our country safe and protecting the freedoms that we hold dear.

We cannot depend on China to power our economy.

This week, Senator Romney introduced two pieces of legislation to combat the rise of China—a bill to bolster our critical mineral mining capabilities and a bill to ensure China no longer receives special treatment on the global stage. He also highlighted the urgent need to find solutions to saving the Great Salt Lake and urged the USDA to better support Utah’s farmers and ranchers amid the historic drought.

From mine to yours: Happy Thanksgiving!

As Americans, we have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season. Despite the differences we may have, each of us share the great blessing of living in a country that continues to be a beacon of hope and freedom for all. I render my thanks to those who came before us, who helped shape America’s greatness—especially to the men and women in uniform who courageously protect our freedoms, values, and quality of life.

We must address the rising threat of China.

With the Senate back in session this week, Senator Romney worked to push one of his top priorities: addressing the threat China poses to our national security and the global order. The Senator urged President Biden to execute a measure he had secured into law to craft a grand strategy on China and pushed Administration officials to bolster our cybersecurity capabilities.