For Utahns located in Israel or Gaza in need of assistance, guidance from the State Department can be found here and our office can be reached at (801) 524-4380.

Press Releases


Romney, Van Hollen, Sullivan, Cornyn, Scott Applaud Committee Passage of Bill to End China’s Unfair International Advantages

Senators Romney, Van Hollen (D-MD), Sullivan (R-AK), Cornyn (R-TX) and Scott (R-SC), applaud today’s unanimous committee passage of the Ending China’s Developing Nation Status Act. This bipartisan legislation establishes U.S. policy to oppose the granting of “developing nation” status to China in future treaties and international organizations.

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Romney: The Demand for Consular Services in Utah is Enormous

At a Foreign Relations Committee hearing today to examine the State Department’s Consular Affairs services and programs, Senator Romney criticized the inability for State to handle passport renewal requests and urged the Administration to open a passport agency in Salt Lake City to accommodate the needs of Utahns. As a rapidly expanding center for global commerce and with thousands of missionaries traveling abroad every year from Salt Lake City, Utahns are in desperate need of expanded consular services. However, Utah is essentially a passport service desert with no feasible options for same-day, in-person services.

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Romney, Van Hollen Introduce Resolution Marking Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre, Denouncing China’s Human Rights Violations

Senators Romney, Van Hollen, Rubio, and Markey introduced a resolution to recognize the 34th anniversary of China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre, during which thousands of peaceful protesters were injured and killed at the direction of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership. The resolution also condemns the Chinese government’s ongoing and increasing repression of human rights and civic freedoms in mainland China as well as in Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang.

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Utah Congressional Delegation Introduces Legislation to Support Utah’s Dugway Proving Ground

Senators Romney and Lee (R-UT), with Representatives Stewart (R-UT), Curtis (R-UT), Owens (R-UT), and Moore (R-UT) introduced the Chemical and Biological Defense Program Improvement Act, legislation to remove a bureaucratic roadblock that prevents the U.S. Army from requesting funding for military construction projects related to chem-bio program facilities like those at Utah’s Dugway Proving Ground.

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University of Utah Research Park Act Passes Committee

Senator Romney and Lee’s University of Utah Research Park Act passed the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on a unanimous vote. This bill would preserve the University of Utah’s nearly 600-acre research park and avoid possible action by the Bureau of Land Management to repurpose the land. Research Park is a center for research and development serving both the University and the local workforce.

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Romney Joins Colleagues in Commemorating National Police Week

The U.S. Senate yesterday unanimously adopted a resolution marking National Police Week and reiterating support for the men and women in law enforcement. U.S. Senator Romney co-sponsored the bipartisan resolution, led by Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Graham (R-SC) and Chair Durbin (D-IL), with 76 of his Senate colleagues.

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Romney: We Must Stop Putin from Rebuilding the Old Soviet Union

At a Foreign Relations Committee hearing to discuss what comes next for U.S. policy towards Russia, Senator Romney recalled the success of our Soviet Union strategy and asked the witnesses to detail potential pressure points for Russia and Putin. Romney argued that we must then apply more effort to those pressure points should the U.S., in lockstep with our allies, be successful at preventing Putin’s goal of re-establishing the old Soviet Union.

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