I want to bring Utah's values to Washington. I'm a fifth generation Utahn, and was raised with Utah values: reverence for freedom, respect for others, and the importance of service, civility, and frugality. It's an honor to be serving the people of Utah in the United States Senate.


We should respect and appreciate the contribution of Utah's agricultural industry to our economy and our security by resolving the uncertainty and federal overreach associated with public land usage and fostering sustainable forest and land management policies.

Budget & Debt

I am a deficit hawk. It is inexcusable to add $500 billion to $1 trillion annually to the debt, saddling us and our children with hundreds of billions of dollars of interest. I oppose a budget process that prevents effective debate, amendments, and spending caps.

Clean Air & Energy

We are fortunate Utah's coal power plants are at the forefront of the clean coal industry. I support greater efficiency standards in cars, trucks, and factories to reduce energy consumption and pollution. I also support the utilization of all our energy resources.

Foreign Policy

America's leadership and greatness is the result of our economic strength, a military that is second to none, our promotion of freedom, and the fundamental goodness of our people. We must promote our values through our diplomacy, economic ties, and alliances.


The Affordable Care Act should be repealed and not replaced by another one-size-fits-all bureaucracy. In its place, states should be given flexibility with their Medicaid funds to implement their own programs for caring for the poor.


I support legal immigration. I respect and welcome those who have followed the law and have made the United States their home. Our nation is stronger and more vibrant by virtue of a strong legal immigration system.

Life, Family, Religion

I am pro-life and pro-family. I will defend religious liberty and will only vote to confirm judicial nominees who will fully honor the First Amendment guarantee of the same.

Opioid Crisis

A multi-front approach is needed. We must pressure other countries to curtail the flow of illegal drugs into the U.S. and stop drug companies from promoting opioids to physicians while providing counseling and treatment for those wanting to escape drug addiction.

Public Land

With two-thirds of Utah held as public land, it is my prioirty to obtain greater local and state involvement in decision-making and management of public lands.

Second Amendment

I support the Second Amendment. Gun laws and school safety measures should be established by each state, not imposed by the federal governement.


I support the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The corporate tax cut will not only let people keep more of their wages, but also helps raise their wages.

Trade & Tariffs

As a net export state, Utah benefits from foreign trade; therefore, I support trade with foreign countries. I oppose broad-based tariffs, but I will support focused tariffs that penalize cheaters and dumping.