We should respect and appreciate the contribution of Utah’s agricultural industry to our economy and our security by resolving the uncertainty and federal overreach associated with public land usage, reducing the excessive number of wild horses and burros, and fostering sustainable forest and land management policies. I’m pushing for policies in the Senate that support these goals.

I favor trade policies that open markets for Utah’s agriculture exports, and I was pleased to vote in support of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which updates NAFTA to create more balanced and reciprocal trade, raises labor standards, and protects our technology and intellectual property from those who don’t play by the rules. Utah’s dairy farmers will benefit from access to new markets for exports into Canada and Mexico. 

When it comes to ensuring we have the workforce we need to support our agriculture industry, states should have a greater voice on the federal visa distribution process for crop, livestock, and dairy workers because they know best their unique needs.