statue of liberty

I support legal immigration. I respect and welcome those who have followed the law and have made the United States their home. Our nation is stronger and more vibrant by virtue of a strong legal immigration system.

The legal immigration system should be merit-based, giving applicants credit for such things as English fluency, having trade or technical skill, personal savings, and advanced degrees so these individuals may become assets to their communities and prosper in our country.

I firmly oppose illegal immigration. I support measures to secure our national borders. I support a simplified legal status verification system that will allow an employer to know whether a prospective employee is in the United States legally and that will sanction employers who nevertheless hire people here illegally.

I support President Trump's proposal, made last year, to give Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) individuals legal status. However, I oppose giving these individuals a special pathway to citizenship. I support ending chain migration and the visa lottery program.