With two-thirds of Utah held as public land, it is my priority to secure greater local and state involvement in decision-making and management of public lands. 

I’m proud to have co-sponsored the Natural Resources Management Act, a comprehensive, bipartisan public lands package that comprises over 100 individual bills, including a measure that implements transparency measures to the Equal Access to Justice Act. This legislation is the culmination of years of collaboration and cooperation between Utah county commissioners and local conservation groups, ranchers, recreationists, and others, for 10 locally-driven pieces of legislation. Crafted with significant local input, it creates 240,000 acres of new wilderness and 248,000 acres of recreation areas, Jurassic National Monument in Emery County, Golden Spike National Historical Park, consolidates SITLA parcels that will generate millions in revenue for our school kids, and includes long-sought local land transfers in Emery, Uintah, Cache, and Juab counties to meet city government needs.

I support multiple use of our public lands and will work to prevent excessive land grabs by presidents and federal bureaucrats. The Antiquities Act and the Endangered Species Act should both be reformed to require state approvals and local involvement. The State of Utah should assume management responsibility for select public lands when economically feasible, initially on a pilot basis.