working family

There are only two states where births are outpacing deaths, and one of them is Utah. That means a lot of Utah families are having children, and it also means added expenses for those families. In Utah, and throughout the United States, a majority of working parents do not get paid when they take time off from work after the birth or adoption of a child, which can mean depleted savings, credit card debt, and student loan defaults. Along with Senator Rubio (R-FL), I introduced the New Parents Act, legislation that would create a voluntary option for paid parental leave by allowing parents to use a portion of their Social Security after the birth or adoption of a child. Specifically, the bill would provide parents the flexibility to use their benefits in a way that works best for their household.

During end of year negotiations over tax legislation, I partnered with Senator Bennet (D-CO) on a compromise plan that would have extended and reformed the Child Tax Credit, provided technical fixes to the 2017 Tax Law supported by the business community, and permanently repealed the Medical Device Tax. While this plan was ultimately not adopted, it was widely praised by conservative groups as a future path forward for pro-family, pro-child tax policy.