Senator Romney Announces Support for William Barr

After carefully reviewing William Barr’s record and meeting with him personally to discuss his experience and qualifications, it is clear that he is exceptionally qualified to serve as Attorney General. Mr. Barr has a distinguished record of public service, and I believe he will provide strong leadership, respect and defend the rule of law, and maintain the Department of Justice’s independence.

Senator Romney’s Statement Regarding State of the Union Address

The president’s speech was strong, well-delivered, and appealed to our patriotism and common values as Americans. He highlighted several critical policy areas where there are opportunities for both parties to work together – including lowering health care costs, reforming trade policies to better protect American workers, and strengthening border security and immigration enforcement.

Utah Gold Star Mother to Attend State of the Union

Chief Petty Officer Jason Workman selflessly gave his life in service to our country—protecting the freedoms and values we hold most dear. One way we can honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice is to honor our Gold Star families. I’m humbled to be joined by Mrs. Workman for this year’s State of the Union address, and I am deeply grateful to the Workman family for their tremendous service to our nation.

Senator Romney Votes to Reopen the Government

I’ve heard loud and clear from the people of Utah: end the shutdown and secure the border. I voted in favor of the President’s proposed compromise, which would have achieved both goals. When that measure failed, I also voted for an alternative proposal that would open the government and give the Democrats two weeks to put up or shut up - come to the table and agree to a final deal on border security and enforcement. That proposal also failed, and now it is up to Republican and Democratic...

Sens. Lee and Romney Introduce the Protect Utah’s Rural Economy Act

For too long, Washington bureaucrats have dictated to our counties, ranchers, and recreators how and if they can use their lands. The PURE Act returns the decision-making and management power of our public lands to those closest to the land. I’m proud to sponsor legislation that puts an end to excessive landgrabs and provides rural Utahns a voice in land management.