Romney Welcomes Interior Department’s Disbursement of $71.7 Million in Energy Revenues to Utah

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) welcomed the announcement by the Secretary of the Interior that Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) disbursed $71.69 million in Fiscal Year 2019 energy revenues to Utah. The funds are derived from energy produced on federal and Indian lands, as well as U.S. offshore areas.

“I’m pleased to see that energy disbursements are up again this year, with $71.69 million being disbursed to my home state of Utah,” said Senator Romney. “These additional revenues are critical to our rural counties, as they support high-paying jobs and provide our counties a stream of income to pay for schools, roads, and public services. As the administration continues to support Utah’s role in America’s energy independence and responsible energy development, we will see the creation of more high-paying jobs and more revenue directed to our rural counties.”

“The President believes we can appropriately develop our natural resources and be great stewards of conservation,” said Secretary Bernhardt. “The disbursements paid to states and Tribes from energy development revenues go right back to the communities where the energy was produced, providing critical funding for schools, public services, conservation improvements, and infrastructure projects that create good-paying American jobs.”


ONRR disbursed a total $11.69 billion in FY 2019 from energy production on federal and American Indian-owned lands and offshore areas. This represents a $2.76 billion increase in comparison to FY 2018.