Budget & Debt


Romney: Administration Recklessly and Unilaterally Spent Taxpayers Money

During an exchange at a HELP Committee hearing, Senator Romney highlighted how the Administration has failed to be transparent with Congress regarding how it has spent COVID funds—arguing that the Administration claimed to not have the funds to purchase monoclonal antibody treatments, antivirals, and other preventative treatments when it actually did.

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Romney’s TRUST Act Front and Center at Budget Committee Hearing

Senator Romney’s TRUST Act was front and center at a Budget Committee hearing as a viable, bipartisan solution to saving Social Security. Romney’s bipartisan and bicameral legislation creates a process to rescue the Social Security Trust Fund and other endangered federal trust funds—while reining in the national debt.

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Romney Announces Deal on COVID Funding

Senator Romney announced an agreement on a deal to provide $10 billion in funding for urgent COVID needs and therapeutics by repurposing unspent COVID funds primarily from the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan.

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Romney: We Will Be in a Heap of Trouble if We Don’t Tackle the National Debt

During a Budget Committee hearing on President Biden’s $5.8 trillion Fiscal Year 2023 budget, Senator Romney raised the urgent need to tackle our long-term deficits. Using examples of collapsed economies around the world, like Greece and Italy, Romney warned of economic calamities that the U.S. would face if Washington continues to ignore its out-of-control spending.

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