📸: 12 photos from Senator Romney’s summer in Utah

While helping to craft the bipartisan infrastructure bill this summer, Senator Romney returned home to Utah on several occasions to meet with community leaders, local chambers of commerce, and representatives from various industries to discuss the infrastructure needs of our state.

An update from Senator Romney.

“Yesterday, the world witnessed horrific terrorist attacks outside of the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. My heart breaks for the U.S. servicemembers who were killed and wounded in the explosion, and the innocent Afghan lives that were lost.

Senate passes historic bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The Senate passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act with a large bipartisan majority. For decades, elected officials of both parties have talked about addressing our nation’s aging infrastructure. This bipartisan infrastructure bill finally turns that talk into reality.

An update on infrastructure.

Senator Romney and his colleagues introduced the legislative text of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, bipartisan infrastructure bill that the Senator helped negotiate with Republicans, Democrats, and the White House.

Bipartisan infrastructure bill approaches the finish line.

Several months ago, a group of five Republicans and five Democrats came together to see if we could find common ground on a true infrastructure bill. Yesterday evening, 67 senators voted to advance our bipartisan infrastructure bill, now known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, through the Senate.

Celebrating Utah’s pioneering heritage.

Today, Utahns come together to celebrate and honor the legacy of our state’s pioneers. We remember their courage, spirit, and faith as they made the 1,300-mile journey from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Salt Lake Valley—marking the humble beginnings of a our great state.

An update on infrastructure.

With so much accelerated growth in Utah, our state is in special need of additional infrastructure and development. After reaching a deal on a bipartisan infrastructure framework, Senator Romney has continued to lead bipartisan discussions with colleagues to iron out the legislation’s details for the full Senate to consider.

A bipartisan deal on infrastructure.

This week, after more than a month of negotiations, Senator Romney and a bipartisan group of colleagues reached a deal on a bipartisan infrastructure package with the White House that provides an historic investment in our country’s infrastructure without raising taxes or adding to the deficit.

A new strategy to prevent and manage wildfires.

Senator Romney continued to lead efforts to find a bipartisan solution on an infrastructure package. On Wednesday, a bipartisan group of 21 senators signed onto a plan that provides an historic investment in our nation’s core infrastructure needs without raising taxes.

Progress made on bipartisan infrastructure plan.

This week, the Senate passed a legislative package aimed at ensuring that the U.S. remains competitive with China. Eight of Senator Romney’s amendments, including legislation to require a U.S. diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games, were included in the final package.