It's dishonest to claim that Republicans want to cut Social Security.

Senator Mitt Romney 14.6K views 03.15.2023 12:36 pm

It's dishonest—even offensive—that this Administration is ignoring the real threat to Social Security, its imminent insolvency, and instead repeating a false talking point that Republicans are out to cut benefits. No one wants to cut benefits! But if real action isn't taken—and taken soon—the Social Security trust fund will run out and benefits will automatically be cut by 25%!

Unfortunately, President Biden seems to value political posturing over actually saving the program.

We must confront the reality that wildfires are an increasing problem.

Senator Mitt Romney 456 views 03.08.2023 12:27 pm

At a Budget Committee hearing on the economic cost of wildfires, Senator Romney highlighted the reality that wildfires are becoming increasingly catastrophic in Utah and across the West and argued the need to adapt our wildfire policies to meet the current conditions, instead of continuing to respond to fires as we have in the past. ...

Technology products like TikTok threaten our national security.

Senator Mitt Romney 1.2K views 03.07.2023 5:17 pm

One tool used by the CCP in their systematic campaign to replace the U.S. as the world's superpower is forcing social media companies headquartered in China, like TikTok's parent company, to hand over data it collects on users. Our legislation aims to safeguard our national security against the threat posed by technology products like TikTok. ...

We must address the widespread nursing shortage in this country.

Senator Mitt Romney 1.1K views 02.16.2023 12:41 pm


Our climate efforts must have a global impact.

Senator Mitt Romney 2.1K views 02.15.2023 12:39 pm

Democrats’ climate proposals are wildly expensive and might make us feel good, but they have little impact on actually lowering global emissions. If we're serious about reducing emissions, we must focus our investments on technology and innovation that can have a global impact. ...

Romney Pushes Administration on Developing a Comprehensive China Strategy

Senator Mitt Romney 1.3K views 02.09.2023 12:41 pm


Romney Comments on President’s State of the Union Address

Senator Mitt Romney 74.8K views 02.08.2023 12:23 am

U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) shared his thoughts after President Biden’s State of the Union address. ...

As I See It: Supporting Ukraine is imperative for U.S. national security.

Senator Mitt Romney 3.1K views 01.26.2023 2:53 pm

History has taught us that when one country begins to feel they can invade another country with little to no response, that violence spreads and we become vulnerable to being pulled into a conflict. Supporting Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion is not just the right thing to do, it’s imperative for U.S. national security and Americans’ economic prosperity. ...