Help with a Federal Agency

I am teaming up with Senator Mike Lee to combine our constituent services operation to better serve Utahns. We are the first Senators to merge our operations, believing that this is the most efficient and effective way to advocate on your behalf.

One of our responsibilities as your Senators is to help Utahns work with federal agencies. We are committed to helping Utahns resolve problems with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, immigration, military service, veteran’s benefits, federal worker compensation claims, tax matters and the IRS, passport assistance, grants, small business concerns, and many other important federal issues.

We have professional staff in our state offices who are specially trained in constituent casework. These professionals work every day to assist Utahns when they encounter problems with federal agencies or programs.

Because of the Constitution’s separation of powers, I cannot assist in judicial or court matters, such as child custody, divorce, pending litigation or criminal trials or imprisonment. Problems involving Utah state agencies—such as welfare or state taxes—also are outside my jurisdiction as a United States Senator. To get started on such state questions, you may want to visit the Utah state government website.

If this is an urgent matter, including awaiting a new passport with travel plans in the next 10 days, please contact my Salt Lake City office at (801) 524-4380.

Contact Information & Casework Description