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Romney Supports Government Funding Bill with Utah Priorities

Senator Romney voted in favor of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, the government funding bill, which includes measures he fought for this Congress to benefit Utah. The bill includes the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Advancement Act, support for hospitals throughout the state, and funding for essential services like roads and law enforcement in Utah’s rural counties. Utah’s military programs at Hill Air Force Base and Dugway Proving Ground will also receive the funding they need to carry out their vital missions in support of the country’s national defense.

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Senate Unanimously Passes Bipartisan Romney, Merkley Legislation to Protect Long-Term Health of Saline Ecosystems

The Senate unanimously passed the Saline Lake Ecosystems in the Great Basin States Program Act. The bipartisan legislation, introduced by Senators Romney and Merkley, would facilitate an integrated regional assessment of saline lake ecosystems and fill a critical data gap that has made it nearly impossible to address a variety of problems caused by declining water levels.

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