Romney Highlights Utah’s Role in National Defense At Events Throughout the State

SALT LAKE CITY—At several different events throughout the state this week, Senator Romney highlighted how measures he secured in this year’s Senate National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will continue to help Utah carry out the important role it plays in our national defense. He also continued to stress the growing threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to our security and the urgent need for the United States to have a comprehensive, tactical strategy to confront it. A recap of the measures Senator Romney secured in the NDAA can be found here.

Sentinel Program Briefing with Northrop Grumman CEO Kathy Warden

At the Roy Innovation Center, Romney met with Northrop Grumman CEO Kathy Warden to discuss the Sentinel program—which has a major presence at Hill Air Force Base—and the critical role it plays in our strategic deterrence efforts.

Romney secured provisions in this year’s Senate-passed NDAA to bolster the Sentinel program and the United States’ nuclear deterrent, including a provision that authorizes multiyear and advance procurement for Sentinel, providing it with added long-term stability. The committee report also includes language requested by Romney to help stabilize key supply chains for the Sentinel program. 

Briefing and Town Hall with Executives and Employees of Strider Technologies

At South Jordan-based Strider Technologies, Romney met with company leaders and employees to discuss their capabilities for addressing the threats our adversaries—like CCP-controlled China—pose to the supply chains, personnel, and intellectual property of U.S.-based companies.

“The Chinese Communist Party continues to pose serious threats to American companies’ supply chains and intellectual property—part of its strategy to become the world’s economic, geopolitical, and military superpower. I enjoyed meeting with the team at South Jordan-based Strider Technologies today to discuss the important work they are doing to help entities better understand vulnerabilities and mitigate security concerns,” said Senator Romney.

This year’s Senate-passed NDAA includes an enhanced version of Romney’s Critical Mineral Independence Act of 2023, bipartisan legislation to push the Department of Defense to achieve critical mineral supply chain independence from China, Russia, and other geostrategic competitors and adversaries.

Tour of Teal Drones in Salt Lake City

Utah-based companies like Teal Drones are playing key roles in our national security and industrial base. Romney toured their facility in Salt Lake, discussed ways to decrease America’s dependence on China for hardware critical to our security with company leaders, and learned to fly one of Teal’s drones.

This year’s Senate-passed NDAA includes a Romney-cosponsored amendment to prohibit government purchases of drones from China and other entities that pose a national security risk.

Discussion Surrounding China and Artificial Intelligence with Entrepreneurs at RevRoad

Freedom is our advantage over the CCP—it allows us to continue leading the world in technology and innovation. Romney joined entrepreneurs and leaders at Provo-based RevRoad for a discussion on securing America’s world leadership and countering China through supporting free enterprise.

Sutherland Institute Speaker Series

In a discussion with the Sutherland Institute at the University of Utah, Romney stressed the need for the United States to have a comprehensive, tactical strategy to address the threat China poses to freedom and the global order. Watch the full discussion here.