Romney Releases Questions for Q&A Period of Impeachment Trial

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) today released the questions he has submitted for the question and answer period of the impeachment trial. If selected, the questions, which can be directed to House managers or the former President’s counsel, will be read today during the trial’s question and answer period.

The following questions have been submitted by Senator Romney:

  1. (Counsel to the former President): When did President Trump first learn that the Capitol was breached and what specific actions did he personally take to defend the Capitol, Vice President Pence, and the others inside?
  2. (House Managers): Is it necessary to the House Managers’ case to prove that President Trump intended for the mob to enter the Capitol and cause mayhem?
  3. (Counsel to the former President): When President Trump sent the disparaging tweet at 2:24PM regarding Vice President Pence, was he aware that the Vice President had been removed from the Senate by the Secret Service for his safety?
  4. (Counsel to the former President): Is it the position of Counsel to the former President that President Trump’s call to the Georgia Secretary of State was not an attempt to have him falsify the election results?
  5. (Counsel to the former President): Did President Trump personally approve the deployment of the National Guard to the Capitol and if so, at what time?