Romney Statement on the National Security Supplemental

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) today released the following statement on the national security supplemental, which passed by a vote of 79-18.

“After months of needless delay, Congress has finally approved much-needed funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and the U.S. military’s operations in these key regions. Just as I did in February, I again voted for this legislation because it is very much in America’s interests to support our friends and allies in the face of threats from Russia, China, and Iran. The funding in this bill not only provides critical security assistance and weapons to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel, but it also supports our own military readiness. It replenishes our weapons stockpiles, supports our defense industrial base, and provides significant funding for U.S. Navy submarine and shipbuilding programs at a time when China is dramatically increasing its naval fleet.

“America remains strong because of our friendships and alliances, and passage of this aid package honors our commitments to our friends.”