Senate Passes Defense Bill with Romney Amendments to Confront China’s Aggression, Support Utah’s Role in National Security

WASHINGTON—The Senate today passed the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which includes amendments offered by U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) to confront China’s growing aggression and support the role of Utah in U.S. national security. The bill passed 86-14.

“As we face growing and complex challenges around the world, this bipartisan legislation authorizes critical policy and programs that will strengthen our national security and support our military readiness,” Senator Romney said. “I’m proud that the final bill includes measures I authored to better position the U.S. to develop a strategy to compete with a rising China, both economically and militarily. Importantly, the legislation includes an amendment that Senator Lee and I authored to reaffirm the critical role Utah plays in our national security by continuing to support the work of Dugway Proving Ground.”

“The Administration’s recent proposed removal of our troops from Germany is a matter of extreme significance for our national security and our military readiness,” Senator Romney continued. “I offered an amendment which sought to prevent such a withdrawal and affirm our support for Germany, our NATO allies, and our national security interests—and send strong message to our adversaries like Russia. The amendment deserved a robust debate by the U.S. Senate, and that fact that it did not receive one is a disservice to our nation and to our allies.”

The FY2021 NDAA authorizes a topline of $740.5 billion for our military and national security programs at the Department of Defense and Department of Energy. A full summary of the legislation can be found here.


  • Indo-Pacific Cooperation: establishes the policy of the U.S. to work in collaboration with allies and like-minded countries in the Indo-Pacific and around the world to form a unified approach to China. (Cosponsors: Coons, Hassan, Cortez Masto, Cruz, Merkley)
  • Reports on Comparison of Defense Spending: directs DoD to conduct comprehensive reports comparing U.S. military spending with the relative Chinese and Russian defense budgets, including costs on personnel, maintenance, procurement, and research and development. (Cosponsors: King, Shaheen, Cornyn)
  • Protecting Utah’s Dugway Proving Ground: requires a report on reductions to DoD’s Chemical and Biological Defense program, which includes Dugway Proving Ground in Tooele County, Utah, and the impact of potential cuts on national security threats. (Cosponsor: Lee)