Senate Unanimously Passes Romney, Lee Resolution Honoring Late Sen. Hatch

WASHINGTON—The United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution introduced by Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Mike Lee (R-UT) honoring the late Sen. Orrin Hatch, who died on April 23. The resolution highlights Hatch’s service in the Senate and his dedication to Utah and the United States.

The resolution reads in part, “The Honorable Orrin G. Hatch was elected to the Senate in 1976 and served Utah in the Senate with devotion and distinction for 42 years, which is the ninth longest term of service in the history of the Senate; …

“Orrin G. Hatch dedicated his time in the Senate to strengthening the economy of the United States, protecting individual liberty, and safeguarding the system of limited government of the United States;

“the Senate has heard with profound sorrow and deep regret the announcement of the death of the Honorable Orrin G. Hatch, former United States Senator for the State of Utah;

“[the Senate] honors the life and legacy of the late Senator Orrin G. Hatch for his unwavering dedication to Utah as a Senator and a public servant; and accomplishments in legislating with principle and dedication for the good of the people of the United States.”

The full resolution can be found here.