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Romney, Peters, Burr, and Hagerty Bipartisan Bill to Ensure Appropriate Use and Recycling of Federal Electric Vehicle Batteries Passes Senate

Bipartisan legislation authored by Senators Romney, Peters, Burr, and Hagerty to ensure government agencies are properly using and recycling batteries from the federal fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) has passed the Senate. Properly recycling EV batteries can help recover valuable minerals like cobalt that are essential to the production of these batteries, but are often sourced from entities with ties to foreign adversaries like the Chinese government.

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Romney, Hickenlooper Bill to Protect Endangered Fish Species, Maintain Ecosystems Passes Committee

Senators Romney and Hickenlooper’s Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins Recovery Act passed out of the Senate ENR Committee. This bipartisan legislation would continue protecting four threatened and endangered native fish species in the Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins by extending conservation programs for one year to allow Upper Basin communities the time to develop a long-term management plan.

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