VIDEO: Romney Introduces Utah Judge at Nomination Hearing Before Senate Judiciary Committee

WASHINGTON— U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) today introduced David B. Barlow of South Jordan, who is nominated to be United States District Judge for the District of Utah, at his nomination hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Key excerpts of remarks are below.
romney introducing david barlow
“I have full confidence that David will faithfully apply the law and our Constitution to all matters and parties that come before him.

“David graduated summa cum laude from Brigham Young University. He earned his law degree from Yale Law School. He served as General Counsel and Chief Judiciary Counsel for Senator Lee, and later as United States Attorney for the District of Utah, a position to which he was confirmed by voice vote by this body in 2011.

“His intellect and personal character convinced me that David will serve Utah and the country with honor and integrity, and I urge this committee and my Senate colleagues to enthusiastically support his swift confirmation.”