Romney Proposes Amendments to Improve COVID Relief Legislation

Amendments would target state and local aid, promote safe and immediate school reopenings, prevent funding from going to schools with CCP-backed Confucius Classrooms

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) plans to file several amendments to the COVID-19 relief legislation being considered on the Senate floor. His amendments would ensure state and local assistance goes only to jurisdictions with a proven need, promote the safe and immediate reopening of schools, and prevent funding from going to U.S. school districts that partner with Chinese Communist Party-backed entities.

“The federal government should not borrow billions of dollars on behalf of states that saw revenues go up over the last year,” Senator Romney said. “My amendment would ensure that money goes only to states that suffered a decline in revenue or have unreimbursed expenses related to COVID-19.”

“Scientific evidence shows us that having students in the classroom does not lead to a spike in COVID-19, and schools that can open safely should do so,” Senator Romney continued. “My amendment will promote the safe reopening of schools and will provide them with the resources they need.”

“We must also protect our students and our academic institutions from the infiltration of Chinese Communist Party propaganda in American classrooms. My amendment will block funding from school districts that participate in a CCP-backed Confucius Classroom program,” Senator Romney concluded.

Summary of Romney’s amendments:

  • Alter State and Local Funding Formula to Become “Needs-Based” Only. This amendment would distribute money only according to proven need. States wanting money would be required to apply to the Treasury Department, and would be eligible for an amount not to exceed: 1) certified revenue losses; 2) actual COVID expenses; and 3) unexpected Medicaid costs.
  • Provide $2,500 to Students In Districts With Closed Schools to Cover Immediate Educational Needs. This motion would promote immediate and safe school reopenings, but also ensure students in closed schools are able to continue learning. Any school districts that don’t have at least 50% of their students back in class at least 50% of the time by April 30, would get none of the $125 billion in K-12 education money provided in the bill. In its place, each student in those districts would be eligible for $2,500 to use for immediate educational needs such as: tuition for open schools, tutors, homeschool costs, summer school, etc.
  • Eliminate Funding for K-12 Schools That Participate in Confucius Classroom Program. This amendment would block funding for school districts that participate in a Confucius Classroom program backed by the Chinese Communist Party.