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Dilan Maxfield


President Biden has had 52 weeks of bad weeks.

Senator Romney joined his colleagues in voting against Democrats’ partisan elections reform, and applauded the courage of his Democratic colleagues, Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, for voting to maintain the filibuster.

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Romney: Health Officials Are Scientists, Not Politicians

During a health committee hearing, Senator Romney highlighted the important role scientists play in the fight against COVID, pressed health officials on the Administration’s failure to build testing capacity, and requested data-driven guidance for the American people on when they should be getting tested.

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Senator Romney’s 2021 in photos 📸

In 2021, Senator Romney was also able to make great strides in passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill and bringing awareness to the rising China threat and advancing Utah priorities in Washington.

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Wrapping up 2021.

“Despite this somewhat somber backdrop this year, I was honored to serve the people of Utah by introducing and passing several bills that will make a positive difference.”

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas

This year, we’ve witnessed tragedies around the world and faced tremendous difficulties here at home. May we all find comfort and peace in the acts of service—both large and small—that we witness during this season, and throughout the year.

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