Dilan Maxfield


Romney, Utah Leaders Applaud Land Conveyance Signing in Goblin Valley State Park

Senator Romney and Utah leaders today applauded the signing of land conveyances in Goblin Valley State Park. These public land conveyances from the Bureau of Land Management, authorized by the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act, will expand the recreation area at Goblin Valley State Park, provide a site for a new Emery County Sheriff’s Office Substation, and improve space for historical exhibits at the Buckhorn Information Center.

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A new commitment to American families.

This week, Senator Romney announced the Family Security Act 2.0, a new commitment to hardworking American families that modernizes existing federal policies into a monthly, fully paid for benefit that doesn’t add to the debt or worsen inflation.

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Romney: Administration Recklessly and Unilaterally Spent Taxpayers Money

During an exchange at a HELP Committee hearing, Senator Romney highlighted how the Administration has failed to be transparent with Congress regarding how it has spent COVID funds—arguing that the Administration claimed to not have the funds to purchase monoclonal antibody treatments, antivirals, and other preventative treatments when it actually did.

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We must get serious about saving Social Security and Medicare.

Addressing the nation’s burgeoning debt and the imminent insolvency of its major trust funds remain two of Senator Romney’s top priorities. This week, he pushed back against unserious and unhelpful partisan proposals to save Social Security by highlighting his TRUST Act, a serious solution that has bipartisan support.

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Romney’s TRUST Act Front and Center at Budget Committee Hearing

Senator Romney’s TRUST Act was front and center at a Budget Committee hearing as a viable, bipartisan solution to saving Social Security. Romney’s bipartisan and bicameral legislation creates a process to rescue the Social Security Trust Fund and other endangered federal trust funds—while reining in the national debt.

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The bounty of life is ours thanks to our fallen heroes.

Senator Romney joined a Memorial Day ceremony at the Utah State Capitol where he delivered remarks honoring our fallen servicemembers. Throughout the week, the Senator announced efforts to foster our capacity for technological innovation, support rural communities, safeguard taxpayers from funding abortions, and lower prescription drug costs.

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