Finding common ground to prevent a financial crisis.

The United States’ public debt now exceeds $33.6 trillion, more than double what it was just 10 years ago! Without taking action now to tackle the debt, our country may find itself in a fiscal crisis akin to those of countries like Greece and Italy years ago. This week, Senator Romney continued to push forward his bipartisan Fiscal Stability Act, which aims to repair America’s broken finances, by testifying at the House Budget Committee hearing on the need for a fiscal commission.

Wholeheartedly standing with Israel.

Among the many elements that contribute to America’s greatness, there are two that Senator Romney promoted this week both in word and deed—the nation’s ability to lead the free world amid authoritarian aggression, and, related, our economic vitality and stability. He joined thousands in marching along the National Mall to show support for Israel and condemn antisemitism, led a hearing focused on preventing government fraud, and saw growing support for his bipartisan effort to tackle the nation’s mounting public debt.

Honoring our nation’s veterans.

“I’ve consistently found myself heartened and inspired to associate with these patriotic heroes. To all veterans, thank you not only for your military service to our country, but for your continued service to your families and communities. Utah is what it is—the best state in which to live, work, and raise a family—because of you.”

America must remain the leader of the free world.

America has long been considered the leader of the free world—a role that requires continued commitment to supporting democracy, countering authoritarianism, and promoting freedom globally. The U.S. must not waver in this resolve, especially as countries like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea have garnered greater geopolitical influence amid attacks on democratic nations. We are a safer, and more prosperous, nation when we lead from a position of strength. This week, Senator Romney continued to push for aid to Ukraine and Israel, made efforts to counter antisemitism on American college campuses, and pressed the Biden Administration on their complete failure at the southern border.

Moving forward on Utah priorities.

Senator Romney helped move forward important priorities for the Beehive State—including a program to bolster Utah’s critical mineral production, as well as an effort to support Utah’s conservation efforts amid federal government overreach. He also met with housing leaders to discuss solutions to increase access to affordable housing in Utah.

The U.S. stands firmly with the people of Israel.

As the people of Israel have been brutally attacked by Hamas, the Iran-backed terrorist regime, Senator Romney has worked tirelessly to affirm the United States’ role in standing with Israel and protecting free democracies around the world. Following a bipartisan trip to Israel this weekend, the Senator cosponsored legislation to condemn Hamas, underscored the need for Israel to eliminate Hamas with the nominee to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel, and met with officials from Tibet on supporting Tibetans’ basic rights amid the CCP’s oppression.

Prioritizing America’s national security interests.

There is no doubt that authoritarianism is on the rise around the world—which poses a great threat to global freedom and our national security. This week, Senator Romney leveraged his Senate Foreign Relations Committee assignments to advance priorities on countering threats posed by the authoritarian regimes in countries like China, Russia, and North Korea. He also met with a prominent conservancy group in Utah to discuss collaborative efforts to save the shrinking Great Salt Lake.

A government shutdown would hurt our country.

As the Senate continues its effort to avert a government shutdown, Senator Romney worked to advance an essential priority for Utah: modernizing our approach to managing and mitigating wildfires. Additionally, Senator Romney met with Governor Cox to discuss their shared priorities for the Beehive State and his resolution reinstating the chamber’s business attire dress code unanimously passed the Senate.

Continuing Utah’s economic success into the future.

Senator Romney introduced pieces of legislation aimed at supporting Utah’s economic strength as our population continues to grow. These bills would responsibly increase the federal minimum wage for legal workers, make college more affordable for students, and overturn the Biden Administration’s reckless new student loan scheme. On the foreign policy front, Romney also introduced legislation to secure our technology from the CCP.

Summers in Utah can’t be beat 🐝

During the month of August, Senator Romney had the chance to step away from his office in Washington and come back home to Utah for a state work session. He traveled throughout the Beehive State to see firsthand how the bipartisan infrastructure bill that he helped negotiate is modernizing Utah’s transit systems, upgrading roads and highways, and repairing bridges. Senator Romney also was able to meet with key national defense and foreign policy stakeholders for discussions on measures he helped secure in this year’s Senate defense authorization bill.

Reaffirming Utah’s role in our national security.

Over the last several weeks, the Senate has been working on crafting this year’s national defense authorization bill—which passed yesterday with strong bipartisan support. Senator Romney successfully secured several measures in the bill to protect against China and Russia, reaffirm Utah’s role in our national security, and improve passport services for Utahns. He also helped introduce bipartisan bills to combat the opioid epidemic and improve the water quality of the Colorado River, and met with several Utahns visiting Washington.

A week of advancing legislative priorities.

Two of the Senator’s public health proposals were included in a bill that passed out of the Health Committee with large bipartisan support. Later in the week, his bipartisan legislation to make it U.S. policy to oppose China being given the status of a “developing nation” in treaties and international organizations unanimously passed the Senate. The Senator also introduced legislation to support competency-based education, which has been championed at Utah-based Western Governors University.